Who owns the data I put into StriveZero?

To put it simply, you own your data. Your data is not used in any analytics beyond your organization. Should you choose to end your StriveZero subscription, you can take your data with you.


Where is my data stored?

StriveZero is hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services, an industry leader in reliability and security. Multiple servers in different geographical locations are provided to ensure that if one server goes down another one starts up immediately. And there is a stringent backup service so that if there is ever a server catastrophe, your data is backed up, and you can continue where you left off, without a gap.


Is my data private?

StriveZero ensures that your data is only shared with the right people.

  • Data in transit is protected with secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Standard IT protocols are leveraged for account access. Accounts are tied to a user’s email address.
  • Data is controlled through partitioning and restriction of access through assigned user companies and roles.