We help with the big picture.

We've delivered results.  StriveZero's experience is rooted in managing construction safety. We have experience in both site and corporate safety departments to create and implement improvement. We've worked to ensure our projects achieved both OHSAS 18001 certification and OSHA VPP verification.

We're paving the way forward.  StriveZero represents the U.S. TAG to ISO PC 283 authoring ISO 45001, the first ever international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We are committed to innovate and lead sustainable change throughout the safety industry.

Turn your program into a system.

Health and Safety Program

A compilation of hazard-focused programs that define hazards and controls to achieve compliance.

Health and Safety Management System

A framework of interrelated and interdependent processes continually striving towards zero incidents.

Learn from every interaction, every plan, every inspection.

Use this knowledge to improve the next interaction, the next plan, and the next inspection.

Make every interaction more valuable than the last by infusing pertinent information into the conversation.

Leverage past experience to always create a safety plan better than the last.

Put focused questions in the hand of the inspector to ensure inspections are thorough and efficient.

Together, we can reach and sustain zero.

It's beyond improving today or tomorrow. It's about driving continuous improvement.

Why StriveZero

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